White Sauce Chicken Pasta

Looking for an easy and delicious recipe to start your week? This creamy ‘White Sauce Chicken Pasta’ recipe from our chef will make perfect start of the week for your family. It’s cheesy and favorite go-to recipe anytime you are craving for comfort food. Try it and share your experience with us!

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Cooking time 30 min Serving 3-4


Chicken (Boneless) 250 gm

Fettucine Pasta 200 gm

Garlic Cloves 2

Oil 1 Tbsp

Capsicum 1 Medium

Mushrooms 3-4

Butter 2 Tbsp

Maida 2 Tbsp

Milk 500ml

Salt ½ Tsp

Red Chilli (Crushed) ½ Tsp

Black Pepper ½ Tsp

Oregano ½ Tsp

Mixed Herbs ½ Tsp

Fresh Cream ¼ cup



– Heat oil in pan and fry garlic until light brown.

– Mix chicken with garlic and cook in medium flame until light brown.

– Keep chicken aside.

– Add oil in pan and put mushroom & capsicum. Fry until light brown

– Keep aside Sauce Preparation

– Heat butter in pan. Add maida and milk and mix well

– Mix Red Chilli, Black Pepper, Oregano, Mixed Herbs and fresh cream with milk to prepare white sauce, while cooking the mixture on low flame Final Preparation

– Add already cooked chicken, capsicum and mushroom in white sauce and mix.

– Add boiled pasta in white sauce and mix .

– Garnish with coriander, capsicum and olives and serve.