Thai Sweet and Sour Chicken

Try this amazingly scrumptious, authentic ‘Thai Sweet & Sour Chicken’ in the comfort of your own kitchen to make best use of your Quarantine time. Serve it with our Fried Rice ( to make a wholesome meal for lunch or Dinner! #Foodlab #CookItRight #MagicalRecipe #ThaiSweetAndSourChicken #CookAtHome

Making time 30 Min. Serving 3-4


Boneless chicken 400 gms

Onion (Sliced) ½

Cucumber 1

Capsicum 1

Garlic 5-6 Pieces

Pineapple 2 Slices

Fish Sauce 3 Tbsp

Vinegar 2 Tbsp

Sugar 2 Tbsp

Tomato Ketchup 2 Tbsp

Oil 2 Tbsp

Salt ½ Tsp

Red Chilli (Crushed) ½ Tsp

Corn flour 1 Tbsp

Water 2 Tbsp

Spring Onion (green)


– Cut onion, garlic, pineapple, cucumber and capsicum into pieces. Keep Aside.

– Take a bowl. Add Fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, tomato ketchup. Mix them well to make a thai sauce. Keep Aside.

– Heat oil in pan. Add garlic and onion. Stir fry until turned light brown.

– Add chicken, salt, and red chilli. Stir cook until chicken gets tender.

– Add already prepared Thai sauce, capsicum, cucumber and pineapple. Mix well while cooking.

– Mix corn flour with water and add with chicken.

– Cook until desired consistency.

– Garnish with spring onion (green) and serve with Fried Rice (