Mushroom Cheese Omelette

Make your Friday breakfast different, with easy, healthy and tasty “Mushroom Cheese Omelette” recipe by our chef. This indulgent and cheesy Mushroom and Cheddar Omelette is and perfect to start your day with! Do try and share your feed back with us.

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Cooking time 10 Min. Serving 2 persons


Mushroom 6

Eggs 2

Salt ¼ Tsp

White pepper ¼ Tsp


Spring onions (sprinkled)

Mozzarella Cheese (shredded)


– Cut mushrooms into pieces.

– Take two eggs in a bowl

– Add salt and white pepper and beat well.

– Fry mushrooms in a pan for two minutes. Keep aside.

– Heat oil in pan and add egg mixture in it. Cook for two minute on low flame.

– Add mushrooms, spring onions and mozzarella cheese on one side.

– Flip other side of the omelette to cover the cheese and mushrooms.

– Serve it with a bread of your choice.