Kachay Qeemay Kay Kebab

Don’t let you Bakra Eid festivity end and try this recipe of Kababs to take your taste buds to another level. These succulent melt-in-mouth “Kachay Qeemay Kay Kabab” are lusciouslycrisp outside and moist and juicy inside to make it a perfect side dish in your regular meals or party menu. Beef mince mixed with aromatic spices will give it a taste that is sure to be loved!

Cooking Time: 30 Min Serves 4-5


Beef (Minced)                         500 gms

Salt                                          1 Tsp

Red Chilli Flakes                    1 Tsp

Cumin Powder                        1 Tsp

Coriander Seeds (Crushed)     1 Tbsp

All Spices Powder                  ½ Tsp

Ginger-Garlic Paste                1 Tbsp

Green Chilli Paste                  2 Tbsp

Lemon                                     1

Fresh Coriander leaves           ½ Cup

Gram Flour                             5 Tbsp

Egg                                          1

Raw Papaya                            ½ Tsp

Oil                                           1 Cup


  • Take beef mince in a bowl.
  • Add Salt, Red Chilli Flakes, Cumin Powder, Coriander Seeds (Crushed), All Spices Powder, Ginger-Garlic Paste, Green Chilli Paste, Lemon syrup, Fresh Coriander leaves, Gram Flour and egg.
  • Add Raw Papaya or any Meat Tenderizer agent. Mix all ingredients with Beef mince.
  • Refrigerate for at least one hour.
  • Take small portion and form shape of long kababs with hands.
  • Heat oil in pan and shallow fry kababs from all sides on Low-Med flame.
  • Serve.