Chicken Cheese Roll

This Ramadan, try this special and magical recipe of ‘Chicken Cheese Roll” to surprise everyone on Iftar. These cheesy and juicy crispy bites will be a unique addition to your Iftar menu!. Serve it with our exclusive Date-Tamarind’ & ‘Mint-Coriander’ chutnies ( to get best taste out of it. #Foodlab #CookItRight #MagicalRecipe

Cooking time 30 Min. Serving 2-3


Chicken (Breast Boneless) 1/2

Salt One Pinch

Black Pepper One Pinch

Cheddar Cheese Slice 2

Spinach leaves 2

All purpose flour (Maida) ½ cup

Egg (Beaten) 1

Bread crumbs ½ cup

Oil (For frying)


– Take chicken breast piece and cut it from center horizontally.

– Cover it with plastic wrapping sheet from both sides.

– Tenderize it with meat tenderizer.

– Uncover the plastic sheet from top.

– Sprinkle salt and black pepper

– Place cheese slices on chicken

– Place spinach slices over cheese.

– Roll chicken covering it with plastic wrap as shown in the video.

– Keep it in freezer for 6-7 hours.

– Apply coating of Maida on roll

– Dip the roll beaten egg

– Coat the roll with Bread Crumbs.

– Heat oil in pan and fry the roll until turned golden brown

– Take them out and serve with the ‘Date-Tamarind’ & ‘Mint-Coriander’ dips