Chapli Kabab

Try this recipe of Chapli Kabab, by Food Lab , to experience the authentic traditional taste of delicious Pashtun-style Chapli kababs at home. This is easy recipe of Chapli Kabab is full of flavors and aromas with bursting taste that is sure to amaze everyone!

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Cooking time 30 Min. Serving 4-5



Beef (Minced) 500 gms

Salt 1 Tsp

Ginger Garlic paste 1 Tsp

Red Chilli (Crushed) 2 Tbsp

Cumin Powder ½ Tsp

Coriander Seeds (Crushed) 1 Tbsp

Garam Masala ½ Tsp

Pomegranate Seeds (Crushed) 1 Tbsp

Egg 1

Onion (chopped) 1

Tomato (Cut into slices) 1

Oil 4 Tbsp


– Take beef mince in a bowl.

– Add Salt, Ginger Garlic paste, Red Chilli (Crushed), Cumin Powder, Coriander Seeds (Crushed), Garam Masala, Pomegranate Seeds (Crushed), Egg and Onion (chopped).

– Mix them well.

– Refrigerate for 15 – 20 minutes.

– Take a portion of beef and form kabab.

– Place a tomato slice on one side.

– Heat oil in a shallow pan.

– Shallow fry kababs on both sides until brown.

– Serve.