ABC Juice and Honey Lime Water

While you’re keeping yourselves at home to fight against COVID19, it’s time to boost immune system with ‘ABC Juice’ & ‘Honey Lime Water’. These drinks free your body from toxins and infectious bacteria. Try it and feel refreshed!

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(ABC Juice):

Apples 3

Beet Root 1

Carrots 2

Ginger 1 (small piece)

Mint Leaves

Lemon ½ (small)


– In a juicer, add all the fruits and take out the juice.

– Add mint leave and lemon juice

– Mix well and serve


(Honey Lime Water):

Honey 2 Tsp

Lemon Juice 2 Tsp

Water (Warm) 250 ml


– In a cup, add honey, lemon juice and warm water.

– Stir it well and serve.